Compendium of Myanmar Travel Tours

Iconic Myanmar Travel

Antiquity and Tranquility – 5 Days
Tour fascinating Yangon to the surreal temples of Bagan and placid Lake Inle.

The Road to Mandalay & Ancient Bagan – 5 Days
Yangon & Shwedagon Pagoda to Mandalay to Kublai Khan’s Bagan.

Whirlwind: The Big Four in Six – 6 Days
Iconic Yangon to mind-blowing Bagan, The Road to Mandalay and the liquid bliss of Lake Inle on the Shan Plateau.

The Big Four Hits the Beach – 9 Days
Rangoon & Shwedagon Pagoda, Lake Inle, Mandalay, Bagan & Ngpali Beach

The Big Four in Ten – 10 Days
A more leisurely travel pace to soak in more of Big 4 Myanmar.

Raiders of the Lost City – 15 Days
Don your Indiana Jones hat (check the whip) and explore the mystery dynasty of Mrauk U before touring Myanmar’s Big 4 travel destinations.

Discovery Tours Myanmar

Yangon Swan: Arts, Food, Culture – 3 Nights
Meet a Yangon you may not have known existed. A range of boutique hotels, art galleries, Burmese antiques, fine dining, a Burmese or Indochine culinary course with a world renowned chef, and more.

Whirlwind: Bagan & the Road to Mandalay – 3 Nights
Hot air balloon the temples of Bagan, walk the longest teak bridge on earth near Mandalay, and visit the charming British colonial hill station of Pyin Oo Lwin.

Golden Rock n’ Roll – 3 Nights
“Shwe” means “golden”, and a golden you will go — rockin’ golden Yangon, golden Bago & the Golden Rock at Kyaiktyo.

H2O to Go: Inlay Lake & Ngpali Beach – 4 Nights
Relax for two on magical Inlay Lake, and melt into two more at tropical Ngpali Beach.

Southern Swing* – 7 Days
Swoon Rangoon & hit the road to the hills & Buddha caves of Hpa An. Travel on to beautiful, tropical, colonial Moulmein. Newly added, please inquire for details on this Myanmar travel tour.

Myanmar Photo Tours

Photography Tours

Go on a set date small group photo adventure, or you pick your own dates and photographer and design you or your group’s perfect Myanmar photo holiday.

Myanmar + Bali Photo Tours, 2017-18

Iconic Myanmar – Golden Triangle Expedition
Oct 14 – 27, 2018

Join the great AP Soe alog w/ Burma’s top female photographer, Soe Myanmar, to shoot the iconic locations of Burma, plus adventure into the little visited Golden Triangle. Unique Hill Tribes abound, and the rice terraces are at their most beautiful.

Photographers Gone Wild, Encore!
Dec 29, 2017 – Jan 11, 2018

Join 3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year KK Winn for the photographic adventure of your life. Includes Myanmar’s major iconic destinations, the Ananda Pagoda Festival in Bagan, plus ventures into remote Chin State to visit the vanishing “tattoo tribes”.

Luminous Myanmar – Journey to the Lost City w/ Kyaw Kyaw Winn
Feb 15 – 28, 2018

Photograph iconic Myanmar and get off the beaten path in The Lost City of Mrauk U. Tour leader K.K. Winn will help transform your photography forever.

David Lazar’s Luminous Bali, Encore!
Sept 30 to Oct 11, 2018

Travel and photograph with renowned travel photographer David Lazar in what he intends to be the best Bali photo tour ever! Photo tour includes the surreal Bromo Volcano on Java.

Burma Adventure Travel

Great Railway Journey* – 7 Days
Begin with the Circle Train around rural Yangon, hop the overnight train to Mandalay, and climax over the “high wire” trestle of the Gokteik Viaduct! *New tour, please inquire for details.

“Full of Hot Air” Balloon Adventure – 8 Days
Four hot air Myanmar balloon adventures — sunrise & sunset over surreal Bagan and gorgeous Lake Inle. British pilots – Safe adventure travel at its best.

Shan Hills Bike & Trek Combo – 8 Days
Bike the hills and through the villages of the beautiful Shan Plateau to the former British hill station of Kalaw, then trek to Pindaya and the tranquility of magical Inlay Lake. Extend a night and treat yourself to a well deserved exotic spa session. Authentic Myanmar travel!

Elephant Jungle Safari + Bagan – 8 Days
An authentic elephant safari followed by two nights of plush living in Bagan, topped by a one hour Hot Air Balloon ride over the ancient temple-scape.

Himalayan Trekking Adventure* – 10 days
New for the true adventure trekker. Experienced guides will take you well into the unspoiled Eastern Himalaya where roughly 30 new species are discovered each year. You’ll also meet rarely visited and little mountain tribes. *Inquire for details.

Bike & Spa Exotic – 11 Days
Perfect for those who like to get the most of their life and travels – like all bike riders do! See and experience Burma from ground level and meet locals who may never have met a foreigner before. Your reward after 150km – the impossibly exotic spa facilities at Lake Inle on the Shan Plateau.

Luxury Exotique

All Suites Iconic Myanmar – 12 Days
You can see it all on a Myanmar luxury trip, including 2 nights on tropical Ngapali Beach to wind things down, from the most exotic suites & spas in Burma. Kandawgyi Palace’s Royal Bungalow with private swimming pool & lake view; Aureum Bagan’s Island Villa w/ private pool and butler!

Himalaya Luxury Adventure – 3 Days & Up
Tour fascinating Yangon to the surreal temples of Bagan and placid Lake Inle.

Rangoon Swoon – 3 Nights
Romantic Rangoon getaway? You’ll be very pleasantly surprised, from exotic boutique luxury hotels to exquisite Indochine fine dining to a swoon around the shimmering pagoda waters of the Royal Lake.

Sail Burma: Let’s Go Archipelago! – 7 Days
Sail on a beautiful luxury yacht and explore the last untouched tropical paradise of this size on earth. 808 Islands, some the size of Singapore, with only 12 are inhabited! Unleash your inner Robin & Robinson Crusoe, only with your return already assured. Lush jungles, teeming wild life, mountain waterfalls, crystalline lagoons…

Waters of Destiny – 9 Days
A moonlit stroll around glimmering Kandawgyi Lake in Yangon; an overnight river cruise from Mandalay to Bagan; loft above thousands of ancient temples next to the mighty Irrawaddy; glide in silence over reflections of pagodas and floating gardens on Lake Inlay, amble across the longest teak bridge in the world at Amarapura… These waters can be your destiny too.

Grace, Glory & A Tropical Beach – 12 Days
This very special Luminous luxury tour itinerary slips a little adventure into the mix – a six hour rail journey into the mountains above Pyin Oo Lwin and over the great viaduct at Gokteik! You’ll revel in Burma’s Big 4 destinations as well, ending with a very relaxing two days in a beachfront bungalow on gorgeous Ngpali Beach…

The Life Aquatic

Legendary River Cruises – 1 to 11 Nights
This is river cruising the way it was meant to be, with a true sense of adventure in the lap of luxury! Two styles and two rivers to choose from – Old Colonial elegance on the incredible Chindwin east to the last outpost before India; or sleek brashness on the Irrawaddy north to the last city before the Yunnan Hills of China.

Endless Beach Chill – 2 Days & Up
Choose your beach or beaches on which to chill in the tropics, and we will see that you get the best that each has to offer. Beach Chills are a great and popular way to finish off any Luminous Journeys vacation in Myanmar.

Sail Burma: Let’s Go Archipelago! – 7 Days
Sail on a beautiful luxury yacht and explore the last untouched tropical paradise of this size on earth. 808 Islands, some the size of Singapore, with only 12 inhabited! Unleash your inner Robin & Robinson Crusoe, only with your return already assured. Lush jungles, teeming wild life, mountain waterfalls, crystalline lagoons…

Island Hopper – Kayak & Snorkel Adventure* – 7 Days
This new edition water lover’s adventure quest is not aboard a luxury yacht, and so is more affordable, especially for families. The boat is a beautifully restored fishing vessel that was fitted especially for kayakers & snorkelers. Your captain knows all the most rewarding places to drop anchor, and the best part is, you’ll probably have them all to yourselves! Well, along with the dazzling array of sea creatures & wildlife of course.

Scuba Libre’ or Scuba Dooba Doo! – 10 Days
The best, and really the only way to dive the pristine waters of the Myeik Archipelago, is as a Live-Aboard. With the easing of border restrictions it’s much easier to combine your Myanmar travel holiday with a Myanmar Dive Tour, even if its aboard a Thailand based boat.

Family Fantastic

Bagan Family Adventure – 4 Days
This quick hop family adventure tour gives you a taste of Burma and delivers its number one star attraction – the 2,220 temples of Bagan. Kids can never seem to get enough of it!

Temples, Elephants & A Magic Lake – 7 Days
With a few more days, parents can add two more Myanmar family travel star attractions — Magical Lake Inlay & an elephant jungle safari. A bribe like this will have them keeping their rooms clean for months!

Elephants, Beaches & Ice Cream – 10 Days
Now you get it all – Yangon, Bagan, Inlay, an Elephant Camp and an Endless silver beach! Oh yeah, almost forgot the ice cream.

Spiritual Journeys

Meditation & Pilgrimage Experience – 15 Days – Set & Open Date Small Group Travel Tours

Our original Myanmar travel & spirit tour is the only one of its kind, rolling a serious meditation retreat into a luxury travel adventure! Who says you can’t bask in an exotic spa after a hard day of expanding your awareness? Won’t the greater awareness enhance the pleasure?

Cultural Immersion

Culture Dip – 5 Days
Similar to other five day Myanmar travel tours with a focus on cultural activities, and cultural learning & engagement.

Culture Plunge – 10 Days
In development. Please feel free to inquire.

Culture Immersion – 15 Days
In development. Please feel free to inquire.