Myanmar Photo Tours, Vietnam, Bali, India

Myanmar is one of those rare places of allure — especially for a photographer — that is difficult to resist. It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyably photogenic places in the world, made all the more so for the fact that most Burmese like being photographed. What’s more, once you’ve been, it’s even more difficult to resist returning. Not just to get the shots you missed or discover more places, but because you miss the way it makes you feel, which really is something bordering on the magical. It is THE perfect place for photo tour workshops.

LJ’s Myanmar travel photography tours, as well as our Bali, Vietnam and India photo tours, take full advantage of our award winning Western & native professionals to gain insider access to places and people no other tours can match. Each Journey is supported by the very best travel & logistics people in the business. Yeah, we spoil you a little.

The Luminous Approach

Our approach is to see, engage and give through our lens, rather than look, swoop and take. This is more than just high-minded fluff; it’s a philosophy that can make all the difference between the average and the good, the good and the great. Not to mention having a lot more fun with travel photography in the process.

As with our other Journeys, the “Luminous” means something. Although it originated with our Meditation & Pilgrimage Experience, the essence of it — learning to see more deeply — is every bit as applicable to photography. The only difference is emphasis and application.

No, we won’t ask you to meditate, but we will encourage you to slow things down, relax into the scene and feel its meaning. It’s from “in here” your best photographs will often reveal themselves. Mastery is in the mind, not the camera. Frustration and lack of confidence time to time are normal, and so to ease and assist we have begun taking a lighter look at the shooters “plight” on our Irreverent Guide to  Travel Photography blog. It’s also a new work in progress, so…please feel free to contribute!


How We Work

How we work with you on photo tour depends on you. Whether a relative novice or a seasoned pro, some photo tour shooters like a lot of personal interaction, some a modicum, others none at all — they’re just happy to be there. You’ll always be briefed ahead of time as to where we’re going and what shooting opportunities we’re most likely to get. We try to work as cats with cameras whenever we can. A village invasion force of ten usually doesn’t lend itself to the best situational shooting. As a rule of thumb the smaller the group the better; so we will form smaller groups within the same area at times, and you’ll have plenty of chances to work solo if you so desire.

We begin our Myanmar photo tours in Yangon, Vietnam in Hanoi, and Bali in Sanur, with hopefully inspirational slideshow presentations taking a look at your photographer leader’s best images of places you will visit on your tour.  He may also include images and discuss approaches and philosophies of other great photographers to see just what it is that makes them great. Armed with the answers, we can then ask ourselves which of these attributes we may have, and in what measure. In this way we can develop a focused approach to the things we want to work on during our travels.

Most mornings we are up and out before dawn to catch the first light of the day. When the light gets too harsh, that’s the time for temple interiors, caves, monasteries and other locations out of direct sunlight.  Afternoons to sunsets to twilight offers the best light of the day, and we will do some night shoots and street photography, which is so much fun here! We will also work with various models (often monks in monasteries or around pagodas) at least once in each destination, whether prearranged or impromptu.

We offer ample opportunity for private instruction and critiquing, but it’s always optional. The same goes for group slideshow presentations and discussion – we hope you will all want to contribute – but again it’s your choice. Some photographers prefer not to process their images at all until returning home.

Why Us Over the Other Guys?

Award Winning Guides & Teachers. These guys are not only the most experienced photo tour guides in Myanmar, but they are dedicated to your best experience possible, not their own! They will always take the time to review your photos and offer their insights for improvement. Or even to say – wow, great shot! Photoshop and Lightroom instruction is also something they are happy to share their expertise with. And never will they put any restrictions on releasing photos that are the result of original, specially arranged set ups. And frankly, we find it ridiculous that some do.

We Specialize. Myanmar & Myanmar travel photography has always been our dedicated specialty, and only recently have we expanded to Bali and Vietnam photo tours. Our photographers have an intimate insider’s knowledge of the places you’ll visit and the people you’ll meet. They are experts at knowing and timing the light in each and every location, whatever the shoot is. We will provide you with shooting opportunities we’re confident no other tours can quite match, and that you would never be able to find on your own. At least not without spending a lot more time and money. This includes Bali and Vietnam, by the way.

Best Value for Money. Up to $2,500 more value for the same level hotels, food and transport, along with major award winning photographers who know Myanmar best. How can we do it? Simple. By NOT demanding the outrageous profits most celebrity and even some non-celebrity pros do. We hate to sound negative, but in our opinion no Myanmar group photo tour is worth $650 – $995 a day! Not with us around. Great photographers do not necessarily make great teachers, and one or two who come to Myanmar have a reputation for being aloof and for putting their own image making ahead of their paying clients. How would you like to pay top dollar to a celebrity pro and have him run off for the day while leaving the group behind with 2nd tier assistants?


Iconic Myanmar: Golden Triangle Expedition w/ A. P. Soe – Oct 14 – 27, 2017

Designed for enthusiastic shooters of any skill level by one of Asia’s rising stars, Hasselblad Masters Finalist & National Geographic contributor A.P.Soe, the tour emphasizes new ‘angles’ on Burma’s iconic Big 4, as well as adventuring into the Golden Triangle for rare image making opportunities.


Photographers Gone Wild, Chin State Expedition w/ K. K. Winn – Dec 29, 2017 – Jan 11, 2018

Designed by a Smithsonian Award Winner& 3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year, this photo tour is made for photographers of any skill level looking to make pro quality, impact images and have a great time in the process! Includes the remote Chin State & the fabulous Ananda Pagoda Festival.

Holi India photo tour

David Lazar – Luminous Myanmar – Tailor Made

Lauded travel photographer David Lazar is now available for private, tailor made photo tours. This is where you set the dates and select your itinerary, with David’s assistance of course. Private workshop tours like this are normally priced at a high premium, but David is insistent on not charging outrageous rates. He may have to fly in from Australia however!

Where’s he gone that you’re not allowed to see? This will not happen with us, ever. You, your best experience and ever improving photography is always our number one priority.

Of course there are a couple of outstanding ‘name’ photographers who run excellent photo tour workshops of their own. Naturally it’s up to you to decide whether or not their approach has more appeal, and if you think the extra cost is worth it. If our tours are full and/or you’d like us recommend another tour, we are happy to help.

We Genuinely Welcome ALL skill levels! Many say they do, but too often it’s just to fill slots, and often the inexperienced shooter ends up feeling left out. We make certain this never happens on our Burma photo tours. We are quite confident that novice to intermediate level photographers will learn much more and have a lot more fun with us. Advanced shooters and pros may not have as much to learn on the technical side, but the value of having a great time while getting the best available access is not to be underestimated.

Tips Choosing the Best Photo Tour For You
We put together a robust article of insider advice on how to vet and choose the best photo tour for you, whether it’s ours or someone else’s. It’s not always an easy decision, and not all operators offer the same level of experience. Nor is it cheap, so we want you to be as sure and as comfortable as possible when it comes to making a decision. Just scroll down to the footer and sign up to access your free guide, plus receive our gorgeous photo tour brochure.