Luminous Thailand Photo Tour + Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam

Luminous Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam

A UNESCO World Heritage Photo Tour

Dec 30 – Jan 13, 2019 (15 Days)

Designed & Led by National Geographic Contributor

David Lazar

Price: $6295 / Single Supplement: $975

Hotels: 4 star (Best available in remote locations)

Highlights: *Grand Palace & Golden Temples of Exotic Bangkok *New Years’ Eve Dinner Party & Fireworks in Exotic Bangkok *Private River Shoot w/ Jungle Elephants *World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya *World Heritage Site of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat & Environs *World Heritage Site of Hoi An, Vietnam *World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, Laos *Amazing Thai Food & Southeast Asian-French Cuisine!

Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to our four country Word Heritage Thailand photo tour spectacular + Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam! The heart of Southeast Asia’s photogenic best is definitely on the ‘bucket list’ list for any travel photography enthusiast worth their salt, and here is a rare 4 for 1 opportunity! The four UNESCO World Heritage sites we visit are the ancient temple ruins and Buddhas of Ayutthaya, Thailand; the charming French colonial Mekong River town of Luang Prabang in Laos; the magnificent Khmer Empire temples and monasteries of Angkor Wat & Environs; and the simply gorgeous 1,000 year old river port town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

You might think that visiting four countries in 15 days means a lot of rushing around and waiting in airports, but this is not the case. The countries are all adjacent to each other. The flights are short, and visas and customs are generally quite easy. In Thailand it’s free and available on arrival, for most nationalities. Laos & Cambodia are also visa on arrival, and we will expedite the process at the airports. Vietnam does require a visa before arrival, but we will handle the heavy lifting for you on that. The trip starts and finishes in Bangkok, Thailand, where round trip tickets from just about anywhere can be had at good prices.

With those concerns out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff! ! In addition to inside access to all the World Heritage sites, including local monks and monasteries, we have plenty more in store for you all along the way. This begins in Bangkok with the stunning Grand Palace, luminous Wat Arun, and an excursion to two fabulous floating markets. In the far north of Thailand near Chaing Rai, we will have a fantastic private photo shoot with elephants in a jungle river setting. We will also visit some relatively untouched tribal villages with special access to photograph freely. This includes the “long necked” Kayan women, originally from Myanmar.

From northern Thailand we hop over to the much talked about Luang Prabang to spend three days photographing in and around the World Heritage town, including the turquoise waters Khouang Si Falls. Next up is incredible Angkor Wat & Environs for another three days of great photography, including working with monks. While Angkor is quite crowded during certain hours of high season, we know exactly where to go and when to find ourselves more or less alone and free to photograph w/o hindrance. We will visit some awesome outer temples which are much less visited, as well as a traditional village or two in the countryside.

Historic and wonderfully photogenic Hoi An, Vietnam, is our final World Heritage site, and one we know extremely well from an insider’s perspective. Renowned French photographer Rehahn*, an associate of LJ and god friend of David’s, is always happy to lend his time and expertise when we visit his adopted hometown. And after we say goodbye to Hoi An we won’t abandon you! Unlike many photo tour companies, we never force our clients to purchase expensive one way international tickets or get back to the starting city on your own. No sir, we’ll fly you back to Bangkok and bid you a fond farewell.

Luminous Journeys “prime directive” is to always put our guests’ image making first and foremost, thereby ensuring that you get the utmost out of your multi-country photo tour experience. Any travel photographer, novice to semi-pro, stands to gain a tremendous amount from working with an outstanding professional, insightful teacher, and all around great guy like David Lazar.

Be sure and click on the tabs above for more details, and feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns at any time. This is a pretty big commitment on your part, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your decision to join us.

*Rehahn’s travel schedule permitting.

Skeleton Itinerary – Luminous Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam – Dec 30 – Jan 13, 2019

Below is a close sample and subject to change. Finalized version will be posted mid-February.

Day 1 – Bangkok – Orientation + Slideshow – Grand Palace Complex – Afternoon River/Temples – Special Thai Food Welcome Dinner

Day 2 – Bangkok – Floating Market Excursion – Happy New Year Dinner Party – Optional Fireworks Photo Shoot over the Chao Phraya Rive

Day 3- Bangkok – Free Morning to Sleep In! – Optional Morning Market – Afternoon Shoot w/ Monks

Day 4 – Ayutthaya Sunrise – Chiang Rai- Sunset Shoot White Temple

Day 5 – Chiang Ethnic Tribes – Full Day – Evening Drive Chiang Dao

Day 6 – Chiang Dao Elephant Photo Shoot/Jungle River Setting – Fly to Luang Prabang – Afternoon Shoot

Day 7 – Luang Prabang – Sunrise Monks & Temples – Khouang Si Falls – Ethnic Tribal Villages

Day 8 – Luang Prabang – Full Day Photographers Choice

Day 9 – Luang Prabang – Morning Shoot – Fly to Siem Reap – Sunset Ta Prohm Jungle Temple

Day 10 – Full Day Angkor – Monks & Temples – Apsara Model Shoot

Day 11 – Full Day Angkor Outer Temples & Local Villages

Day 12 – Ta Prohm Sunrise – Hoi An Afternoon and Twilight Shoot

Day 13 – Hoi An – Sunrise Fishing Village – Fishing Net Weavers – Ao Dai Models

Day 14 – Hoi An – Full Day – Local Villages – Farewell Dinner w/ Rehahn – French-Vietnamese Cuisine

Day 15 – Hoi An – Bangkok – Evening Departure Flight to Home Country or Overnight

Luminous Vietnam

w/ David Lazar & Nguyen Vu Phuoc

June 18 – July 2, 2018

15 Days
$6750* (10 persons max)
Single Supplement – $970
Minimum Deposit – $1500

Tour Leader – David Lazar
Local Leader –  Nguyen Vu Phuoc
Guest Leader – Rehahn
Photo Tour Director – Benn Stevens
Price Includes:
list-infoTwo pro photographer guides + Top Rated English speaking local guide
list-infoAll Accommodation
list-infoAll Meals, except arrival/departure days
list-infoAll in-country transportation
list-infoAirport welcome and send-off
list-infoAll entrance, zone and camera fees
list-infoModel & Set Fees
list-infoAmple bottled water throughout
list-infoDonations to Luminous Journeys Charities
Price does not include:
list-infointernational airfare
list-infoany private transportation
list-infotrip/medical insurance
list-infomedical expenses
list-infoextra drinks or food
list-infopersonal purchases and services
list-infohotel porter gratuities
list-infodriver gratuities
list-infovisa on arrival fee
list-infoend-of-trip gratuities for photography tour leaders
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David Lazar Myanmar photo book

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Praise for David Lazar Photo Tour Workshops

“My Luminous Vietnam Journey was far and away the best photo tour I have been on. It was more than a photo tour, it was an investment in myself as a keen photographer, it gave me the opportunity to engage with ordinary Vietnamese people and some extraordinary professional photographers in David and Phuoc – I have visited 42 countries and been on enumerable holidays and tours – this one really was the trip of a lifetime.” – Lindsay Earle, Zimbabwe

“My photo tour with Luminous Journeys and David Lazar was an amazing experience. Everything was organized perfectly so we could concentrate on photography. Besides being a great photographer David is also a really nice person and always willing to help. It’s really inspiring to see him work. I came back with the best photos I’ve ever taken” – Jani Uljas, Finland

“I have to commend Luminous Journeys and David Lazar for putting together what I consider to have been the best photo tour we’ve been on…and we’ve been on quite a few around the world. From start to finish, Luminous Bali was impeccably researched, planned and executed with a rich, full and unique itinerary that left no photographic stone unturned.

David was a joy to travel with; often cracking us up along the way and, a fantastic mentor from whom I feel I learned a great deal. I really appreciated how genuine and generous he was sharing his knowledge and creative talent. I think my mom has unofficially adopted him! I should also mention just how much we adore Pande. What a gem. For future trips, the first place I’ll check for photo tours will be Luminous!” – Lee Ann Birkenstock, USA

“To spend two weeks totally immersed in photography was a dream. Sharing it with other like minded individuals was fun. Having the tuition, guidance and encouragement of two amazing photographers (David and Phuoc) was a privilege. Being presented with the opportunities to meet and photograph the lovely, gentle Vietnamese people (as organised by the efficient and unflappable Diep) was an honour. All seamlessly organised under the Luminous Journeys umbrella which made for an unforgettable photography experience and vacation. And the Vietnamese food was both delicious and healthy! I cannot thank you guys enough :)” – Roz Johnson, New Zealand

“We feel very privileged to have participated in “Luminous Vietnam”, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is a keen photographer, especially those wanting to take some distinctly different images to give an edge to their portfolio. Our photographers and the itinerary provided so many opportunities for fantastic and unique photos which would be impossible to get on our own.

David Lazar was always patient and kind in offering his expert help. He didn’t monopolize the best shooting position, ensuring everybody had their turn. Expert Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Vu Phuoc was persuasive with the locals, creative and a genuinely nice guy. The friendly positive atmosphere and good humour contributed to the wonderful time had by all.

We enjoyed the trip so much that we are considering doing Luminous Journeys Bali photo tour in 2017. In the meantime we will continue to speak very highly of your company and of our amazing experiences. Thank you Luminous Journeys for providing us with the photographic opportunity of a lifetime!” – Lyn Vernon, Australia

“David Lazar is a wonderful, charming and eloquent travel companion. With his fine humor and graciousness he offers all participants breathing room for personal development. He does this in such a way that the group dynamic develops spontaneously and helps create new friendships in an atmosphere of mutual inspiration and support.

It was always fascinating to watch how David interacted with the local people from a photography standpoint. He was very natural and relaxed in his approach, even gentle, and would smile and use a few words in their native language. You could see them relax and very quickly develop a sense of trust with him. This paid off time and time again throughout the tour, both during focused photo sessions and free shoot situations. David loves to teach and pass on his knowledge and experience to participants. He taught me a lot about how to approach a shoot. Like how to see light with more discernment, and then find the best possible compositions to take advantage of that light. This was followed up on later with image review and editing, which he was always more than happy to do.

In short, David is a first rate photographer with an ideal personality for travel work and leading photo tour workshops. This along with the perfect organization from Luminous Journeys made for a truly unforgettable and rewarding experience.” – Renate Szinyei – Switzerland

“My photo tour with Luminous Journeys and David Lazar was an amazing experience. Everything was organized perfectly so we could concentrate on photography. Besides being a great photographer David is also a really nice person and always willing to help. It’s really inspiring to see him work. I came back with the best photos I’ve ever taken” – Jani Uljas, Finland

“Our Vietnam photo tour with Luminous Journeys was a fantastic trip… (It was my second photo tour with LJ, after Myanmar in 2014). David was charming as expected and Phuoc was a very nice surprise – active, creative and a fun person to work with. Some of the set-ups were simply astonishing, and the locations were amazing… Logistics man Diep Van was perfect – a real gem.” – Benny Hanigal, Israel

“Having been on several organized trips to Asian destinations over the past few years I have found Luminous Journeys trip to Vietnam June 2016, to have been the best value for money organized tour that I have been on. The opportunities to take unique photos of people and landscapes could not have occurred without the professional organisation of the tour leaders. Their expert photographic guidance meant that all members of the tour were able to capture shots that were technically accurate and artistically composed. We were guided to areas and local villages that are not accessible to the ordinary traveller. I was happy to go on this photo tour and will be more than happy to do Luminous Journeys photo tours in the future.” – Robbie L, Australia

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